More Thoughts About Stretching and Learning at MOC-Floyd Valley . . .


In my last blog entry, I shared my perspective on the question, “What do you like or appreciate most about MOC-Floyd Valley and why?” Below are responses from other members of the MOC-Floyd Valley Community who shared their thinking around the same question.


What do you like or appreciate most about MOC-Floyd Valley and why?


• “My teachers because they help me and make me laugh.”

• “I like the teachers because they are so kind and so willing to help you when you need it.”

• “The teachers because they are fun and funny. The teachers teach subjects that fit them.”

• “I appreciate the teachers because they help us learn. I also appreciate the janitors for helping make our school clean.”

• “What I appreciate about MOC-FV are the teachers who understand that there are some students that have part-time jobs that take up most of their time after school. They take that into consideration.”
• “One thing that I appreciate about our school is the relationships between teachers and students. I love being able to go to a trusted teacher and talk about not only school problems, but problems or concerns outside of school.”

• “One of the many things I appreciate about MOC is that the teachers care so much about the students. They not only care about students’ grades or how well they are doing in classes, but they also care about who you are as a person. MOC-FV teachers take the time to get to know their students. It creates a personal connection that makes students feel safe, important, and cared for.”

• “I like the teachers. I appreciate that the teachers here make an effort to get to know each student individually. They treat you as a person with a life rather than just a student they need to teach. It makes getting up and going to school a lot better.”

• “The teachers and staff are invested in our growth. They don’t care where our starting point is; they just want to see us improve.”
• “I love how close knit of a community we are. Every teacher and all the students get along well and that’s something that I really appreciate. At the end of the day we’re all just here for each other and accept all of our differences.”
• “I appreciate how willing people are to participate in activities even if they may not be the best at it. They just want to be involved in things because the students who are really good at whatever they do to are extremely welcoming to those who aren’t as good.”
• “I love that our teachers really care about us and go out of their way to help us succeed. I like that we’re a smaller school, and that I’m able to recognize every face I see in the hallway.”

• “How accepting and warm the people are.”

• “When I think about what sets MOC-FV apart from any other school district, I instantly think about the teachers and faculty that are a part of this school district. The teachers at MOC-FV are some of my greatest role models and mentors in life. Their compassion for students and their enthusiasm for teaching is very noticeable when you walk into a classroom. I feel like the reason why kids love the teachers so much is because of how much teacher-to-student interaction there is. MOC-Floyd Valley is very focused on individual learning and making sure that you understand the information that is being presented. Because of this, the teachers do everything they can to make sure that happens. They are always willing to come before and after school to help you with your individual needs. In my opinion, what is a school district without teachers who don’t teach this way? That is why I am so appreciative to be a part of this school district and so thankful for each of the teachers and faculty of the MOC-Floyd Valley School District.”

• “The teachers at MOC-FV are always encouraging and bringing out the best in our students. Thank you for the wonderful people behind the scenes, like the cooks, custodians, and secretaries! Students at MOC-Floyd Valley are always kind, and welcome each other with laughter.”

• “The classes: The school offers a wide variety of classes for students to take according to their interests. The Teachers: All of the staff at MOC-FV are genuinely interested in seeing each student succeed and are willing to take time out of their personal lives to help us.”

• “What I appreciate most about MOC-Floyd Valley are the teachers. They work hard to get the most out of every student. They are always there for anyone who needs to talk. I am thankful for every single one of them!”

• “The thing I appreciate most about our school district is the amount of one-on-one time teachers have for struggling students. I also appreciate the freedom that we have in high school.”

• “I appreciate the teachers. They love us as if we were their own kids and push us to strive for a bright and successful future. Their leadership, hard work, and dedication are what shapes are character today and prepares us for obstacles in life.”

• “I appreciate many things at MOC-Floyd Valley, but I really appreciate how the teachers are always willing to help and make kids feel at home. They want what is best for all of the students!”

• “I appreciate the opportunities we have here – such as college courses – to increase our knowledge and prepare us for the future.”

• “I appreciate teachers for the willingness to help others and help outside of class when we need it. I also love the variety and number of activities available to us. Finally, relationships at school are very deep when you invest in them.”

• “For someone what is involved in many different activities – and gives a lot of time to each – I appreciate how flexible our school is with scheduling and allowing us to participate in everything we love.”

• “MOC-Floyd Valley Teachers – Because of their ability to relate the topics we are learning to the world, we live in. Many of the teachers use real world examples to help me and my classmates understand the material in many new ways.”

• “I appreciate the principals at MOC-Floyd Valley. They are very helpful and thoughtful to the students and staff.”

• “What I like best about MOC-Floyd Valley is that I feel safe. I don’t have to be worried when going to school every day.”

• “I appreciate the teaching staff because they care about every student, not just about teaching their courses.”


What do you like or appreciate most about MOC-Floyd Valley and why?


• “I appreciate all the teachers who take the time to help our kids. If my child has a problem, she can ask for help. The teachers take care of her and the other students as if they are their own. I don’t ever worry when I drop my kids off as school because I know they are taken care of. Hospers Elementary has been a great school for our girls!”

• “The amazing teachers! My kids have always had amazing teachers and I don’t believe that is a coincidence!”

• “I appreciate Mr. Landhuis greeting each child outside before school every morning. I appreciate Mrs. Scholtens making learning fun and meaningful for our son. I appreciate her flexibility to be able to meet students at their various levels. I appreciate all the “specials” teachers who create an environment that engages and encourages creativity. I appreciate Cathy for being the friendly face in the office when I drop something off or ask a question. I appreciate Jeff for his work on keeping the building clean and his friendly demeanor. I appreciate the lunch ladies who do make a difference in each kiddo’s day. I appreciate Mr. Andersen for knowing which books our son would be interested in. I appreciate the invitations to parents to help on special days in the classrooms. I am just so thankful our son is in an environment where he is pushed each day to continue to grow academically and personally. It is evident that he is cared for by all of the staff. He LOVES school and looks forward to going each day. “

• “The teachers and the staff at Hospers Elementary are amazing. They take care of our children as if they are their own and I never worry about them when they go to school in the mornings. They are all very kind and patient with all the children. I appreciate that it is a smaller school for our children. I feel like they get the attention that they all deserve.”


What do you like or appreciate most about MOC-Floyd Valley and why?


• As a teacher and a parent, I appreciate how the needs of the students are always put first. Everyone cares so much about what is best for the students, which makes MOC-FV a great place to work and send my children.

• I appreciate the dedication that each of my colleagues demonstrates to our students no matter the subject or extra-curricular activity. This quality creates some wonderful opportunities for students in our district!

• I appreciate the fact that everyone on staff has the best interests of the students as their first priority ALWAYS

• The staff models what it means to be life-long learners to the students who walk into the classroom every day. They prepare all the students for bright futures while setting high expectations and goals for students to reach all while supporting them every step of the way.

• Excellence is strongly encouraged and nurtured in everything we do: character, academics, extra-curricular activities, etc. There is never a good time to settle for less than your best.