Welcome back!

I am writing this message on the morning of the first day of school. What a joy to live a life where I have had 52 great first days of school – and I’m looking forward to even more. The first day is special because we are at our peak of hope! We can all look ahead with a sense of optimism that we can be our best selves, and live into our best lives.

That is our pledge at MOC-Floyd Valley. We will do our very best to see and treat all of our students as their best selves. We will challenge them, support them, stretch them, and encourage them. We will do our best to live up to the three quotes I referenced in my first visit with staff this year.

1) We will “be the change you wish to see in the world.” (Mahatma Ghandi)

  • We wish for a positive, growth-focused, challenging, nurturing MOC-Floyd Valley.

2) We will “never, never, never give up!” (Winston Churchill)

  • We will do whatever it takes to fulfill our mission and foster excellence, learning, and civic responsibility.

3) We are “all for one and one for all.” (The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas)

  • We are all in this together and having a mindset where we rely on, challenge and support each other increases the chances of everyone reaching their            potential – and enjoying meaningful relationships along the way.

As we map out the year, our foci are very similar to years past – and very much on target.   They are:

We stretch and learn through relevant, important activities, productive struggle, and appropriate levels of support.

Climate & Culture to Support Learning
We will cultivate and nurture a positive culture and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Social & Emotional Well-Being to Support Learning
We will strive to address the social and emotional needs of students and staff so that everyone feels a sense of belonging at MOC-FV, and is able to learn and grow in a safe, supportive environment.

Safety to Support Learning
We will insure that our facilities and processes optimize the safety of students, staff, and visitors at all times.

Technology to Support Learning
We will utilize technology to deepen learning, increase connection with the world, and prepare our students for a future saturated with technology.

Communication to Support Learning
We will communicate with parents and others in a mission-focused, positive, productive manner.

Facilities & Resources to Support Learning
We will develop and maintain our facilities and resources with an emphasis on positively impacting student learning.

I am extremely confident that as we work together, stretch and learn, and strive to meet the needs of every individual, our students will have a remarkable school year and receive an outstanding education. I look forward to the journey ahead, and I am thankful to be making it with the students, families and educators of MOC-Floyd Valley!

With Gratitude and Respect,

Russ Adams, Superintendent



Looking Ahead . . .

MOC-Floyd Valley is extremely fortunate to be a growing district.  Our certified enrollment increased by 22 students since last year.  Over the last nine years, we have grown an average of 17 students.  This equates to a little over 100 students every six years.   The increase in enrollment corresponds with the growth in the communities that make up the MOC-Floyd Valley District, and certainly reflect the efforts of our communities to be vibrant and healthy.

We have undergone several improvements in our district facilities over the years, with the most recent improvements coming at the middle school, where we repurposed the lower level and created six new classrooms.  We have been reimagining and repurposing spaces in our other buildings to increase our classroom capacity as well.  In the past four years, we have transformed five computer labs into actual classrooms that help in accommodating our students and staff. 

Last February, the Board of Education hired Jerry McCall, of Education Consulting Services, to conduct a review of our programs and facilities and assist us in our long-range plans.  Jerry has met with staff and community leaders as well as done thorough reviews of all of our facilities.

The result of our programming and facilities study underscore the need for more capacity at our elementary levels.  With this in mind, we are exploring the possibility of new construction somewhere between Orange City and Alton.  In addition, we will need to consider improvements/expansion to our middle and high school buildings and our transportation facilities. 

We have received appraisals for the elementary buildings and are exploring second-life possibilities for both.  In addition, we have met with City officials to determine where possible partnerships might exist to share in facilities and costs.  We believe this coordination of efforts and resources will better serve everyone and should contribute to the continued growth and quality of life in the area.

Our next steps include hiring a fiscal agent to assist in developing a financing plan and then engaging an architectural/engineering firm to create specific project plans.  The Board of Education will be interviewing professional teams for both of these endeavors and will work closely with community leaders moving forward. 

Technology – The Good and the Bad . . .

This weekend, I was reviewing our progress on our District foci, goals and indicators.  One of our identified areas of focus is technology.  At MOC-Floyd Valley, we utilize technology to deepen learning, increase connection with the world, and prepare our students for a future saturated with technology.

Thanks to the commitment of resources by our School Board, the technical expertise and leadership of our technology team (Sandy Groom-Meeks, Ryan Noteboom, Aaron Norman, Jack Bonnecroy, and Joel Bundt), and the wisdom and professional judgement of our teachers and para-educators, technology is an extremely valuable tool in the teaching and learning process.   Technology allows for personalization.  We are better able to monitor learning and adjust instruction than ever before.  Information is literally at our fingertips.  We are empowering our students to interact with the world, create, learn and grow.  We are helping them develop the skill of efficiently sifting through vast amounts of information to access and utilize that which is relevant and important.

While we clearly see the value of technology as a tool for learning, we also see how technology can be detrimental.  Our students – all of us – are becoming less authentically engaged.   The filters and follow-through that are a natural part of face-to-face communication are lost when our main mode of interaction is via devices.  We are becoming anxious, confused, isolated, and anti-social.  This is wreaking havoc on our mental health and has real consequences for our children.

I encourage you to watch this 60 Minutes segment entitled Brain Hacking, which aired in April of 2017.  Finally, thanks to Amber Leusink’s leadership and the generosity of some local sponsors, you are invited to a “Parent’s Awareness Night” at Christ Chapel on March 28, at 6:30 p.m.  Collin Kartchner of #SAVETHEKIDS will be sharing a message and giving insight into how we can help our children.  In addition to the Thursday night event, Mr. Kartchner will be sharing his message to area youth group students on Wednesday night, March 27, My Choice students on Thursday morning, March 28, and middle school and high school students on Thursday afternoon, March 28.  Here is a short preview clip about the event.

Stretching and Learning through Fine Arts . . .

Fine arts provide our students with opportunities to stretch, learn, grow and create!  At MOC-Floyd Valley, we are blessed to have exceptional fine arts programs led by amazing teachers and sponsors.

The October 4, 2016 edition of “Edutopia” contained an article by Neil Swapp.  In the article, Mr. Swapp shared the following five benefits of an arts education:

1)      The arts cultivate a growth mindset.  Through the arts, students develop skills like resilience, grit, and a growth mindset to help them master their craft, do well academically, and succeed in life after high school. 

2)      The arts cultivate self-confidence.  Through the act of making music, creating a piece of art, performing and so on, students find their voices and develop the confidence to speak and express themselves in other areas.

3)      The arts improve cognition.  By immersing students in arts education, you draw them into an incredibly complex and multi-faceted endeavor that combines many subject matters while being uniquely tied to culture.

4)      The arts cultivate communication skills.  One can make an argument that communication may be the single most important aspect of existence.  Our world is built through communication.  Students learn a multitude of communication skills by studying the arts.  Through the very process of being in a music ensemble, they must learn to verbally, physically, and emotionally communicate with their peers, conductor, and audience.  Likewise, a cast member must not only communicate the spoken word to an audience, but also the more intangible underlying emotions of the script. 

5)      The arts deepen students understanding of culture and self.  Their awareness of different people, places, and ideas through the arts helps them appreciate and accept the differences they find in the broader world. 

It is not uncommon to see a student who may be struggling in academic classes blossom in a visual arts class.  The confidence and hope that the student gains in the art class transfers back to the other subjects and beyond!

If you have attended any of our art shows, band competitions or music concerts; sat in the audience at one of our plays or musicals; or been mesmerized watching our students perform in large group or individual speech you understand how valuable these experiences!   And, if you’re like me you shake your head in amazement when you witness the quality that our students produce through their commitment and hard work!

Instructional Rounds at MOC-Floyd Valley . . .

by Superintendent Russ Adams

At MOC-Floyd Valley, we are striving to make every classroom a place of rich and valuable learning for all students.  Such a systemic goal requires clear and focused collaboration throughout the district.  One of the tools we use to assess our efforts and provide direction is a process called “Instructional Rounds” – which is the educational version of medical rounds used in many medical school programs.

Instructional Rounds are a disciplined way for educators to work together to improve instruction (City, Elmore, Fiarman, & Teitel, 2009).  At MOC-Floyd Valley we have been conducting Rounds visits for the past seven years.  Our visits this year center on our Board-adopted learning focus, We will stretch and learn through relevant, important activities, productive struggle, and appropriate levels of support.”

High School Rounds Visit – On November 12, a group of educators (in this case, our district administrators, instructional coaches and a teacher from each building) spent the morning visiting classrooms and observing the teaching/learning process.  We were gathering evidence to support our theories of action –“If-then statement that describe how we believe learning and achievement can increase.”  We had two stated Theories of Action for our high school visit.

1)      IF we are asking students to engage in higher-order-thinking tasks requiring productive struggle AND to think about, process and answer higher-order-thinking questions, THEN the outcome will be a greater degree of learning for our students.

2)      IF we create a positive learning environment, THEN student achievement will increase.

From these theories of action, we then developed two Problems of Practice.

1)      What evidence do you see of higher-order thinking, productive struggle, and student engagement indicated by classroom language that promotes student motivation and perseverance?

2)      What evidence do you see of positive classroom climate and culture occurring within the high school?

In the afternoon, our team re-convened and shared our observations.  It was exciting to see the great degree to which we saw our students working hard and engaging in productive struggle in a very positive, supportive environment.  This was the direct result of the careful planning and implementation of meaningful learning activities and thoughtful questions.  In addition, the respectful tone and positive relationships among students and with the teachers was prevalent.

To wrap up the visit team members shared the evidence they saw in support of our problems of practice.  We also shared possible opportunities for growth and finally shared our individual take-aways from the day – ways that we plan to improve our own efforts as a result of what we learned.

The most important part of the Instructional Rounds process actually happens after the visit day.  In this case, it will occur when Mr. Mulder and the high school staff process the Rounds Team’s observations and suggestions as well as consider the implications for their work moving forward.

At MOC-Floyd Valley, we are deeply committed to continuous improvement, and the Instructional Rounds process helps us to engage in our own productive struggle as we foster learning excellence and civic responsibility in our students.  I am thankful for the outstanding educators who serve here and look forward to our elementary and the middle school Instructional Rounds visits!

Student Safety & Well Being at MOC-Floyd Valley

Given the recent tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida; I want to assure you that at MOC-Floyd Valley we are doing our very best to keep our students and staff members as safe as possible!  In the paragraphs that follow, I will share some information that will give you a glimpse into our efforts and thinking regarding student/staff safety.

Building Security – Each of our buildings is locked during the school day.  Visitors are granted access only after office personnel are able to view them on a camera and then electronically unlock the doors to allow entrance.  All visitors are expected to check in at the office immediately after entering.

Classroom Doors – We are in the process of installing door handles that are lockable from the inside on all of our classroom doors.  We are over 80 percent finished with this project with completion scheduled for August of 2018.

Cameras – Cameras are now installed and operating on all of the District buses.  In addition, we recently updated our existing building cameras and added several more.  Both the high school and middle school have cameras throughout the inside and outside.  The elementary schools have cameras at the entrances and on the bus loading zones.

Emergency Plans – This past summer, Sioux County Sheriff’s Deputies Nate Huizenga and Waylon Pollema, Orange City Police Chief Jim Pottebaum, and Tim Zeutenhorst of Van Engelenhoven Insurance met with us to review and update our emergency incident plans.  In addition, they toured the buildings and grounds and provided us with recommendations for making the District as safe as possible.

A.L.I.C.E. System – In 2013, MOC-Floyd Valley implemented the A.L.I.C.E. (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) system as our planned response in the case of an active shooter in our buildings.  All staff are trained on this system and as recently as this summer conducted drills with law enforcement officials from the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office and the Orange City Police Department.  In addition, these same law enforcement officials come in each year and train our students.  The training is age appropriate and is delivered to inform and prepare the students without creating undue anxiety.

Bus Safety – Highway Patrolman Vince Kurtz and Deputy Pollema conducted emergency training with all of our bus drivers prior to the start of school.  Drivers were able to process different ways to handle dangerous situations on the bus.  Students also participate in bus evacuation drills each year.  Finally, drivers and classroom teachers periodically review bus safety & behavior guidelines with students.

Bad Weather Decisions – This is not a perfect science, but transportation director, John Van Wyk, and I check roads whenever the weather is suspect.  In addition to conferring with each other, we are in constant communication with area superintendents and transportation directors.  We try to minimize risk for our students while dealing with the realities of winter in Iowa.  Please note, that if you ever choose to keep your child home because you are concerned about the road conditions, we will accept your decision and the absence will be excused.

Inside Recess – We all know how important recess is for students – physically, and to enhance learning.  Whenever possible elementary students will have outside recess.  Our rule of thumb is that recess moves indoors if the wind chill is below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Student Mental Health and Well Being– Staff members have received training on serving and supporting students who are dealing with trauma of any kind.  We are certainly not experts, but we strive to show students and families that we care and want to support them.  We have specific anti-bullying efforts at each level, and we try to model, expect, and emphasize our District belief statements of caring, cooperation, effort, responsibility, respect, excellence, integrity, and creativity.  We work directly with parents and mental health providers to insure that students have access to services.

Digital Safety – Technology is an important part of functioning well in our world.  That being said, it is a tool that must be used responsibly or it can become detrimental.  We teach digital citizenship and responsible use at all levels.  While we provide electronic devices to our students, we have clear expectations regarding their use at school.  I want to encourage all parents to establish and uphold your expectations at home as well.  Recognizing the positive power of technology should never blind us to the danger associated with too much screen time or irresponsible use of that technology.

Work with Law Enforcement – We have a very strong, positive working relationship with our local law enforcement officials.  To illustrate, we recently had a parent contact us about a potential concern.  We were in constant conversation with our local police department and were able to address the situation in a manner that served everyone well.  Both the Orange City Police Department and the Sioux County Sheriff’s Department have a strong, positive presence in our schools, and a high level of trust and cooperation exists between them and the MOC-Floyd Valley Community School District.

It is an honor for us to love, serve and teach our students.  We are thankful for the opportunity and for the partnership with families and community members.  It truly does “take a village to raise a child,” and we are fortunate to reside in this “village.”

Thankful for the Servant-Hearted!

MOC-Floyd Valley is fortunate to have an organization full of servant-hearted people.  This is clear to me on a daily basis.  Today, the group that reminded me was the bus drivers.  They patiently picked up students on messy, difficult roads, and did so with patience and a smile.

When I began serving in the role of superintendent, I reflected on everyone who serves students and families within our district.  Below is a summary of those reflections – which I recognize even more today!  Consider:

School Board

Who gives of their time with absolutely no monetary compensation?  Who volunteers their time, talents, energy, and expertise to serve us, and everyone in the MOC-Floyd Valley School District?  Who ultimately makes this such a great place to work and serve?

Thank you to our School Board Members!


Who are the first and last school representatives that many of our students see every day?  Who sets a positive tone by warmly and sincerely greeting students to start each day, and then safely transports them to and from school?  Who, while watching the road, constantly makes sure that all students are treated respectfully?

Thank you to all of the men and women who drive our buses and transport our students!

Food Service

Who provides our students with the nutrition and energy they need to function throughout each day.  And who does this while meeting numerous difficult, government-imposed requirements and still provides flavorful choices.  Who works in a stiflingly hot kitchen, doesn’t always feel appreciated, but does all of this with a servant-hearted smile?

Thank you to all of our food service staff!


Who oversees all of the health needs of our students?  Who juggles the required paperwork?  Who works with parents, family members, other medical personnel, and all of us to make sure our students are educated despite various health needs?  Who does this in all four buildings with the help of our building secretaries and some of our uniquely qualified staff members like Mr. Krohn?

Thank you Nurse Nonnemacher!


Who are the ultimate “behind-the-sceners”  who keep things running, keep things clean, anticipate needs, and epitomize service?  Who hears, “Could you fix . . . or Could you get me . . . ?” and always does their best to meet those requests while at the same time, keeping up with the messes and the needs that come from buildings used by hundreds of people every day?

Thank you to all of our amazing, servant-hearted custodial and maintenance staff!

Secretarial/Office/Business Managers

Who is the face and the voice of each building in our district?  Who sets the tone by her smile and her unflappable demeanor when bombarded with requests from students, parents, teachers, and administrators?  Who always seems to understand what we mean, even when we aren’t not completely clear in our questions or requests?  Who seems to know everyone, helps everyone, and demonstrates more flexibility in a day than seems humanly possible?

Thank you to all of our wonderful office personnel!

Aides & Associates

Who epitomizes support?  Who works closely with teachers to meet the needs of all of our students, and often gives that extra dose of love and support that ultimately makes the difference for many of our students with the greatest needs?  Who is often instrumental in making sure that no child ever falls through the cracks?

Thank you to all of our aides and associates!


Who lives on the edge of what might be possible?  Who is tasked to understand what many of us struggle to understand, and then to make it understandable and useable to us?  Who is empowering us with technology and then helping us to understand and use the technology to deepen and add meaning to learning.  Who fearlessly leads us through necessary changes like moving from JMC to Infinite Campus while at the same time preparing and repairing all of our technology equipment and infrastructure?

Thank you to our tireless technology department!


Who seems to master the art of caring and listening?  Who leads the way in supporting students and families when issues arise?  Who makes it a priority to instill hope and find help?

Thank you to our guidance counselors.


Who has a passion for students and a passion for curriculum?  Who develops positive relationships with students, collaborates with colleagues, partners with parents and tirelessly works to meet each student where he or she is and take them as far as possible?  Who cultivates a love of learning and arms our students with the tools they will need to successfully meet the challenges ahead?

Thank you teachers!

Coaches & Activity Sponsors

Who teaches students about character, honor, self-discipline, loyalty, effort, teamwork and humility?  Who teaches students that “it is more important to be your best, than to be the best.”  Who masterfully uses co-curricular activities to give our students a sense of belonging and an understanding of being a part of something bigger than self?

Thank you coaches and sponsors!

Principals/Assistant Principal

Who oversees our efforts as a system and insures that our practices align with our mission?  Who develops routines and procedures that allow everyone else in the system to do their jobs?  Who models learning, challenges, and supports students and staff.  Who selflessly leads and cares deeply?

Thank you to our principals and assistant principal.  

More Thoughts About Stretching and Learning at MOC-Floyd Valley . . .


In my last blog entry, I shared my perspective on the question, “What do you like or appreciate most about MOC-Floyd Valley and why?” Below are responses from other members of the MOC-Floyd Valley Community who shared their thinking around the same question.


What do you like or appreciate most about MOC-Floyd Valley and why?


• “My teachers because they help me and make me laugh.”

• “I like the teachers because they are so kind and so willing to help you when you need it.”

• “The teachers because they are fun and funny. The teachers teach subjects that fit them.”

• “I appreciate the teachers because they help us learn. I also appreciate the janitors for helping make our school clean.”

• “What I appreciate about MOC-FV are the teachers who understand that there are some students that have part-time jobs that take up most of their time after school. They take that into consideration.”
• “One thing that I appreciate about our school is the relationships between teachers and students. I love being able to go to a trusted teacher and talk about not only school problems, but problems or concerns outside of school.”

• “One of the many things I appreciate about MOC is that the teachers care so much about the students. They not only care about students’ grades or how well they are doing in classes, but they also care about who you are as a person. MOC-FV teachers take the time to get to know their students. It creates a personal connection that makes students feel safe, important, and cared for.”

• “I like the teachers. I appreciate that the teachers here make an effort to get to know each student individually. They treat you as a person with a life rather than just a student they need to teach. It makes getting up and going to school a lot better.”

• “The teachers and staff are invested in our growth. They don’t care where our starting point is; they just want to see us improve.”
• “I love how close knit of a community we are. Every teacher and all the students get along well and that’s something that I really appreciate. At the end of the day we’re all just here for each other and accept all of our differences.”
• “I appreciate how willing people are to participate in activities even if they may not be the best at it. They just want to be involved in things because the students who are really good at whatever they do to are extremely welcoming to those who aren’t as good.”
• “I love that our teachers really care about us and go out of their way to help us succeed. I like that we’re a smaller school, and that I’m able to recognize every face I see in the hallway.”

• “How accepting and warm the people are.”

• “When I think about what sets MOC-FV apart from any other school district, I instantly think about the teachers and faculty that are a part of this school district. The teachers at MOC-FV are some of my greatest role models and mentors in life. Their compassion for students and their enthusiasm for teaching is very noticeable when you walk into a classroom. I feel like the reason why kids love the teachers so much is because of how much teacher-to-student interaction there is. MOC-Floyd Valley is very focused on individual learning and making sure that you understand the information that is being presented. Because of this, the teachers do everything they can to make sure that happens. They are always willing to come before and after school to help you with your individual needs. In my opinion, what is a school district without teachers who don’t teach this way? That is why I am so appreciative to be a part of this school district and so thankful for each of the teachers and faculty of the MOC-Floyd Valley School District.”

• “The teachers at MOC-FV are always encouraging and bringing out the best in our students. Thank you for the wonderful people behind the scenes, like the cooks, custodians, and secretaries! Students at MOC-Floyd Valley are always kind, and welcome each other with laughter.”

• “The classes: The school offers a wide variety of classes for students to take according to their interests. The Teachers: All of the staff at MOC-FV are genuinely interested in seeing each student succeed and are willing to take time out of their personal lives to help us.”

• “What I appreciate most about MOC-Floyd Valley are the teachers. They work hard to get the most out of every student. They are always there for anyone who needs to talk. I am thankful for every single one of them!”

• “The thing I appreciate most about our school district is the amount of one-on-one time teachers have for struggling students. I also appreciate the freedom that we have in high school.”

• “I appreciate the teachers. They love us as if we were their own kids and push us to strive for a bright and successful future. Their leadership, hard work, and dedication are what shapes are character today and prepares us for obstacles in life.”

• “I appreciate many things at MOC-Floyd Valley, but I really appreciate how the teachers are always willing to help and make kids feel at home. They want what is best for all of the students!”

• “I appreciate the opportunities we have here – such as college courses – to increase our knowledge and prepare us for the future.”

• “I appreciate teachers for the willingness to help others and help outside of class when we need it. I also love the variety and number of activities available to us. Finally, relationships at school are very deep when you invest in them.”

• “For someone what is involved in many different activities – and gives a lot of time to each – I appreciate how flexible our school is with scheduling and allowing us to participate in everything we love.”

• “MOC-Floyd Valley Teachers – Because of their ability to relate the topics we are learning to the world, we live in. Many of the teachers use real world examples to help me and my classmates understand the material in many new ways.”

• “I appreciate the principals at MOC-Floyd Valley. They are very helpful and thoughtful to the students and staff.”

• “What I like best about MOC-Floyd Valley is that I feel safe. I don’t have to be worried when going to school every day.”

• “I appreciate the teaching staff because they care about every student, not just about teaching their courses.”


What do you like or appreciate most about MOC-Floyd Valley and why?


• “I appreciate all the teachers who take the time to help our kids. If my child has a problem, she can ask for help. The teachers take care of her and the other students as if they are their own. I don’t ever worry when I drop my kids off as school because I know they are taken care of. Hospers Elementary has been a great school for our girls!”

• “The amazing teachers! My kids have always had amazing teachers and I don’t believe that is a coincidence!”

• “I appreciate Mr. Landhuis greeting each child outside before school every morning. I appreciate Mrs. Scholtens making learning fun and meaningful for our son. I appreciate her flexibility to be able to meet students at their various levels. I appreciate all the “specials” teachers who create an environment that engages and encourages creativity. I appreciate Cathy for being the friendly face in the office when I drop something off or ask a question. I appreciate Jeff for his work on keeping the building clean and his friendly demeanor. I appreciate the lunch ladies who do make a difference in each kiddo’s day. I appreciate Mr. Andersen for knowing which books our son would be interested in. I appreciate the invitations to parents to help on special days in the classrooms. I am just so thankful our son is in an environment where he is pushed each day to continue to grow academically and personally. It is evident that he is cared for by all of the staff. He LOVES school and looks forward to going each day. “

• “The teachers and the staff at Hospers Elementary are amazing. They take care of our children as if they are their own and I never worry about them when they go to school in the mornings. They are all very kind and patient with all the children. I appreciate that it is a smaller school for our children. I feel like they get the attention that they all deserve.”


What do you like or appreciate most about MOC-Floyd Valley and why?


• As a teacher and a parent, I appreciate how the needs of the students are always put first. Everyone cares so much about what is best for the students, which makes MOC-FV a great place to work and send my children.

• I appreciate the dedication that each of my colleagues demonstrates to our students no matter the subject or extra-curricular activity. This quality creates some wonderful opportunities for students in our district!

• I appreciate the fact that everyone on staff has the best interests of the students as their first priority ALWAYS

• The staff models what it means to be life-long learners to the students who walk into the classroom every day. They prepare all the students for bright futures while setting high expectations and goals for students to reach all while supporting them every step of the way.

• Excellence is strongly encouraged and nurtured in everything we do: character, academics, extra-curricular activities, etc. There is never a good time to settle for less than your best.

What makes MOC-Floyd Valley a special place to learn and grow?



The MOC-Floyd Valley Community school District provides outstanding opportunities for our 1,440 students.  From our selfless, visionary Board to our supportive, involved parents and patrons; from our caring, committed faculty and staff to our excellent and safe learning facilities; from our robust fine arts programs to our outstanding athletic programs; MOC-Floyd Valley provides an environment where everyone belongs, everyone learns and everyone grows!

We embrace the idea of stretching to learn, and we create opportunities for productive struggle – where activities, questions and situations are challenging and require thought and effort.   At the same time, we are intentional about providing the resources, support and encouragement needed for students to meet with success and be motivated to continue.   Our attention to that delicate balance is a key to our students’ success and growth and allows us to fulfill our mission of  “fostering learning, excellence and civic responsibility.” 

Another key is our consistent and sincere striving, by everyone, to model and cultivate our core values of caring, cooperation, effort, responsibility, respect, excellence, integrity, and creativity!   These values contribute to rich relationships and personal growth – now and in the future.

MOC-Floyd Valley is a district that is large enough to offer a wide range of quality programs where everyone can explore their interests and pursue their passions.  At the same time, we are small enough that everyone cares for and supports one another.  Since moving to MOC-Floyd Valley in 2003, I can think of no better place for children to live, learn and grow!