Two Impactful Opportunities for Parents and Community Members . . .

We are excited to announce that we have arranged back-to-back nights for learning opportunities for parents and community members!

Opportunity #1 – Navigating the Waters of Trauma, Mental Health, and “Keeping up with the Jones’s”

More students are dealing with anxiety and wrestling with their social-emotional health than ever before.  We are excited to have Mr. Jeff Herzberg share his wisdom and expertise with parents on Tuesday night, September 17 from 7:00 – 8:30 in the MOC-Floyd Valley High School Auditorium.  Mr. Herzberg has become an expert in this important area, and will provide insight into how you can help your child cope with the issues of today – including the complexities of social media and the impact it might be having on your children.

Mr. Herzberg, the Chief Administrator at Prairie Lakes AEA, and Superintendent at Gilmore City-Bradgate, is a proud graduate of Northwestern College and a father of six children.  He shared his timely, important message with the instructional staff of MOC-Floyd Valley, Orange City Christian School, Unity Christian High School and Spalding Catholic School.  The message was so impactful that we asked Jeff to return and share it with parents and community members!   You will appreciate Jeff’s engaging, sometimes humorous, always important message and style, and you will walk away with a better understanding of how to help your children thrive in a complicated world.


Opportunity #2 – Valuing Up – Raising the Value of Human Life

On Wednesday, September 18, Mike Donahue will be presenting the Value Up Assembly Program to all MOC-Floyd Valley middle and high school students.  We normally avoid scheduling events on Wednesday evenings, but felt it was important to offer an opportunity for parents and community members to hear Mike’s important message.   We are hopeful that those who are able will join us at 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the MOC-Floyd Valley High School Auditorium.

Mr. Donahue is the executive director and founder of Value Up, a nonprofit organization based in Monument, CO that is dedicated to enriching the lives of young people. In the last decade, Mike has become one of the most sought after speakers in the country on the subject of respect, bullying, and social climate. His candid style and authentic persona keep the students engaged right from the first words.

The Value Up message is simple, everyone has equal value and his or her value is intrinsic. Value is not based on performance or social status. It is built in and does not change. When students understand their innate value, they are more likely to see and appreciate the value in others, leading them naturally to treat others with dignity and respect. The Value Up culture building program empowers students to build a social climate where they strengthen one another and embrace each other’s differences.

Here is a link to a video by Mike Donahue describing the Value Up Program.