Welcome Back!

I say it every year, but “I love this time of year!”  I’ve been going to school – in one form or another – for the last fifty years, and the opportunity to start fresh every August still invigorates me and fills me with optimism.  It is my hope that every student and every member of the MOC-Floyd Valley faculty and staff feels the same way.  Let’s make this our best year yet!

As the year gets under way, I want to share with you the three areas that we will focus on to fulfill our mission of fostering learning, excellence & civic responsibility.


  • Focusing on
    • Presuming the positive
    • Encouraging and supporting
    • Believing and loving

We have caring people who truly want what is best for every student and every person involved with MOC-Floyd Valley.  The more we keep our focus on building each other up and maintaining our focus on the mission at hand, the more our growth and success we will experience!


  • Focusing on
    • Quality planning for instruction (You-We-I)
    • Quality questioning (You-We-I)
    • Productive energy and engagement in the classroom

By embracing the concept of “productive struggle,” finding the perfect balance between creating challenge, and instilling confidence, our students will develop a growth mindset and will stretch and learn in all situations.


  • Focusing on
    • Being positive & proactive
    • Celebrating daily
    • Focusing on our values

When everyone is “on the same page,” we function at our highest levels.  We will presume the positive of each other, never assume we know what someone else is thinking, and err on the side of providing too much information instead of too little information.  We will also celebrate learning, growing, and living out our mission and values.

I look forward to the journey of another school year and am thankful to be making it with the students, families and educators of MOC-Floyd Valley!