Superintendent Russ Adams


The MOC-Floyd Valley Community School District provides outstanding opportunities for our 1,440 students.  From our selfless, visionary Board to our supportive, involved parents and patrons; from our caring, committed faculty and staff to our excellent and safe learning facilities; from our robust fine arts programs to our outstanding athletic programs; MOC-Floyd Valley provides an environment where everyone belongs, everyone learns and everyone grows!

We embrace the idea of stretching to learn, and we create opportunities for productive struggle – where activities, questions and situations are challenging and require thought and effort.  At the same time, we are intentional about providing the resources, support and encouragement needed for students to meet with success and be motivated to continue.  Our attention to that delicate balance is a key to our students’ success and growth and allows us to fulfill our mission of “fostering learning, excellence and civic responsibility.”

Another key is our consistent and sincere striving, by everyone, to model and cultivate our core values of caring, cooperation, effort, responsibility, respect, excellence, integrity, and creativity!  These values contribute to rich relationships and personal growth – now and in the future.

MOC-Floyd Valley is a district that is large enough to offer a wide range of quality programs where everyone can explore their interests and pursue their passions.  At the same time, we are small enough that everyone cares for and supports one another.   Since moving to MOC-Floyd Valley in 2003, I can think of no better place for children to live, learn and grow!

– Russ Adams, Superintendent