Looking Ahead . . .

MOC-Floyd Valley is extremely fortunate to be a growing district.  Our certified enrollment increased by 22 students since last year.  Over the last nine years, we have grown an average of 17 students.  This equates to a little over 100 students every six years.   The increase in enrollment corresponds with the growth in the communities that make up the MOC-Floyd Valley District, and certainly reflect the efforts of our communities to be vibrant and healthy.

We have undergone several improvements in our district facilities over the years, with the most recent improvements coming at the middle school, where we repurposed the lower level and created six new classrooms.  We have been reimagining and repurposing spaces in our other buildings to increase our classroom capacity as well.  In the past four years, we have transformed five computer labs into actual classrooms that help in accommodating our students and staff. 

Last February, the Board of Education hired Jerry McCall, of Education Consulting Services, to conduct a review of our programs and facilities and assist us in our long-range plans.  Jerry has met with staff and community leaders as well as done thorough reviews of all of our facilities.

The result of our programming and facilities study underscore the need for more capacity at our elementary levels.  With this in mind, we are exploring the possibility of new construction somewhere between Orange City and Alton.  In addition, we will need to consider improvements/expansion to our middle and high school buildings and our transportation facilities. 

We have received appraisals for the elementary buildings and are exploring second-life possibilities for both.  In addition, we have met with City officials to determine where possible partnerships might exist to share in facilities and costs.  We believe this coordination of efforts and resources will better serve everyone and should contribute to the continued growth and quality of life in the area.

Our next steps include hiring a fiscal agent to assist in developing a financing plan and then engaging an architectural/engineering firm to create specific project plans.  The Board of Education will be interviewing professional teams for both of these endeavors and will work closely with community leaders moving forward.