Oolman, Beth

Jack Bonnecroy

Oolman, Beth

8th Grade English

Middle School

Hello! I’ve been teaching at MOC-Floyd Valley for my entire career! I’ve held positions teaching 7th grade English, 8th grade English, 8th grade American History, and Senior Basic Communications. I’ve served as an assistant HS Volleyball coach and as a HS and MS cheer coach, too. However, my current assignment is 8th grade English! I also serve as the 6-12 ELA Curriculum Specialist for our District. Additionally, I am the Trip Coordinator for the MS Washington DC / New York City trip! I’m married to Terry Oolman, who co-owns Vollink Enterprises and is a contractor. We have two sons enrolled in school at MOC-FV—Collin and Cameron. In my spare time I love to be with my family, go to the family cabin, travel, read, and cook. And, I also serve as an adjunct professor at two regional colleges. At Northwestern College, I teach in the undergraduate education department, and at Morningside University, I teach in the graduate education department. I LOVE all my roles!


Email: boolman@mocfv.org