Striving and Thriving – Together!

Last year, at MOC-Floyd Valley, we did an admirable job of teaching and learning in the midst of a global pandemic. We created as much normalcy and continuity as we could for our students, while at times operating in survival mode. While it doesn’t feel as disorienting this year, there is no doubt that we are again entering the year with some uncertainty and trepidation, and we will undoubtedly need to pivot and adapt. Nevertheless, our theme for the year is not surviving, it is striving and thriving – together!

We always have a choice in what we focus on and how we function. By choosing to strive, we are focusing on personal responsibility and commitment to the collective good. We are putting our best effort into whatever we are doing, and we are influencing those around us in a positive, contagious manner. This is what leads to thriving! Maybe not immediately, but by developing resiliency and a growth mindset, we are, indeed fostering learning, excellence, and civic responsibility!

We at MOC-Floyd Valley are honored to serve the students and families that make up our school district and invite you to strive and thrive with us. Let’s make it a great year – “the choice is ours!”

With Gratitude and Respect,

Russ Adams
Superintendent of Schools